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Let’s be honest for a moment, you're intrigued by this aren’t you? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a good time. If you’re looking for that little spark to turn into a blaze of glory then look no further. A couples boudoir is nothing short of sexy, intimate and the best way to reconnect with your partner. Don’t know where to put your hands (yes, they go where you think they would), where to look or what to wear? I’ve got you covered, literally! Like my other boudoir sessions this one is fully guided by me ensuring you get all the steamy poses, accessories and wardrobe choices. Come discover a side of your relationship you wished you found sooner!

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My private, luxury home based studio in Brantford is where all the magic of your boudoir couples shoot happens. This is where you can dive into some of those curiosities of yours. Couples love my Honey Birdette Sex Swing, giving them the freedom to get into some steamy poses. For a more romantic feel, jump into bed together. Feeling a little daring? Try on some of the bondage accessories. Things getting a little too hot to handle, “cool” off in the Wet Set shower scene. The possibilities of your couples boudoir shoot are endless, so lets tailor a session that you will never forget.

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You’ve thought about this over and over again. Doing and saying all the things to stop yourself from following through. Not anymore! Not this time! You’re here for a reason. It’s your time to do something for you, something that scares the pants off you (literally) and I will be there every step of the way! Whether you’ve been through hell and back, celebrating a new phase in your life or you need to get out of the “mom” mode of taking care of others first, a boudoir session with me will surely bring you back to life.

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