A little forward? Well, that's why you're here right!? Trust me when I say I know how scary all a boudoir photoshoot can seem. This will probably be the most vulnerable thing you've ever done and it’s got you in all the feels. If it makes you feel any better, I was so nervous I could vomit when I booked my own boudoir photos. BUT, when I got there I had the best time ever! A secret between you and me, I look at my boudoir photos ALL THE TIME! It’s a reminder that I had the courage to do something that I thought scared me. Looking back at my photos reminds me that even though I'm a mom who's gotten older and whose body has gone through a ton of changes, I'm still sexy! So what do you say? Let your hair down, get all glammed up and let me show you what everyone around you sees!

Hi, I'm Alisia!

First things first, it’s pronounced Ah-lee-sha. My parents started me off on this path of not following the rules with the spelling of my name. I am a redheaded, freckle faced, fast talking, witchy loving babe who is obsessed with empowering and uplifting women through boudoir photography.

I’ve been an artistic being since the moment I can remember trying my hand at anything that peaked my interest. I may have attended Sheridan College for Interior Design but I was also accepted to their Visual Merchandising and Photography programs. Funny thing is I was a visual merchandiser for many big companies and now I’m a boudoir photographer baddie. 

My second love language is good coffee and food paired with trashy tv. I love the Kardashians! I said what I said!

I may be known to have a slight attitude *eye roll here* paired with sarcasm and hilarity. Pass me a glass of chardonnay and I'll enhance that experience for you. If you know anything about astrology then I will warn you I am a Capricorn through and through. If you don’t know then it means I am a hardworking woman who sets goals and achieves them no matter how big or small.

Being able to show women just how beautiful and special they are was what I was meant to do. It may have taken me 11 years as a photographer to figure this out but this is the space I am holding on to. My advice to you, don’t be ashamed of your story, you never know who it will inspire.

Quick facts

Soccer is my sport of choice. I played for 27 years of my life before an injury ended it. You can find me cheering for my favourite team Brazil during the World Cup.

i'm a soccer fanatic

My husband Craig and I have been married for 13 years (together for 15). I knew the first time I saw him that I would marry him.

i have the best hubby

I am a dog lover. You will always find a Doberman by my side. My current Dobe is a black and rust European named Oona.

I love dogs!

why do I shoot boudoir?

This is a good question. First, who doesn’t want to be around hot babes all day? Second, I believe that every woman deserves to see herself as a beautiful and sexy being no matter what stage of life she is in. Throw away the “Yeah right, I can’t look like that” scoff and let me prove you wrong! It’s my job to guide you through this process, yes even holding your hand, so let me do just that.
Sexy is a feeling, not what you wear. Whether it’s lingerie, a white tshirt or even a cozy sweater, know those are just tools used to invoke that feeling.The best sound in my studio is the moment my clients realize why they are here. She is now seeing herself as worthy, loved and supported. Your body is the only thing that has seen you through it all. Show her a little more love!

ready to unleash yourself?

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